Scandal Video Guritno Wulan?

on Monday, 19 April 2010

Several months after the wedding party pernikahannya, meaning beautiful section nan Wulan Guritno got gosip not tasty. This beautiful actress digosipkan beradegan nasty. Say video nasty woman married to a new Adilla Dimitri is circulating in the virtual world. Scenes in the video looks like a woman and Wulan beradegan seven years with a man who they say they say is similar to the ne of the actors or a film drivers. This is also directly ditampik stars’ No Ordinary Love ‘via management. In the near future, management Wulan were ready to hold a press conference. Celebrity world is not far from the gossip especially for the artist as beautiful as Wulan. Additional information for the curious to see the video (I can be accidental, if I breach the love download link), please search on Google with the key word wulanmicola.3gp. I already see a lot of uploading the file, even in ziddu. If I see a woman in the video is a glimpse Wulan is similar, but somewhat vague, and also a short duration, only 29 seconds.

Also likely that people in the porn video in which to do oral sex scenes, just have a resemblance with the face of the artist and Wulan Guritno Ananda Mikola. Of course with this kind of coverage will make people curious to prove the truth is porno video. Hopefully it is the case, people in the video are simply nasty similar course with Ananda Mikola and Wulan Guritno, so that the world does not tercoreng celebrities Indonesia, who would not want to and not denied that Indonesia has many celebrities to be role models for most of the people of Indonesia, news about celebrities digeber daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is still a public consumption behavior and bring the rating.

The question is izzit WULAN GURITNO ANANDA MIKOLA?
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